Cecilio CEVN-1W

The Cecilio CEVN-1W is a Cecilio electric violin series which made from Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair. The violin is included a 9V Alkaline battery. The violin is suitable for all level violinist whether you are a beginner, student or a professional who wish this violin to perform on the stage.

Whether you’re practicing, recording in studio or performing on stage, the Cecilio CEVN-1W electric violin outfit offers excellent functionality and style. The violin is also features a 1/8″ output jack that allows you to connect to most guitar amps or PA systems. You can adjust the volume control that allow you to choose the ambience you want, headphone jack for practice and a line-in jack for practice with a background track.

To easy bring this violin the package includes a well-padded lightweight hard case, a bow, rosin, bridge, pickup, aux cable, and headphones.

The Cecilio CEVN-1W is available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, White, Mahogany and Yellow. Click here for details

Cecilio CEVN-1W

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Cecilio CEVN-1W – Features

  • Size 4/4, style 1 left-handed electric/silent violin in black metallic varnish (full size)
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, 2 bridges, an extra set of violin strings, aux cable, and headphones
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects
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